live events

Sometimes an event is just too special to be seen only live and so only once.  Or perhaps there are practical reasons for people not present in person to see and hear what happened.

We will capture an event as it happens, with remotely sited microphones when appropriate to ensure good sound recording, and using multiple cameras to significantly improve watch-ability, as required.  The footage will then be post-produced to deliver an end-product according to the client's requirements - it may be that a full as-it-happened record of the event needs to be available for viewing, or perhaps a 5-10 minutes summary is what's required.  All options are available, and when multiple cameras are used the footage will be edited together to produce an engaging end product.

We produced this film to provide a 4 minute summary of a company's Children In Need event as participating teams from various departments helped to raise money whilst having some fun outside their usual job roles.

To discuss the filming and post-production of a live event followed, when requested, by a completely no obligation quotation, please contact us.

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We hold an Enhanced Certificate from the DBS to work with both children and adults