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As every film is different it's not possible to provide a list of prices - the cost to deliver a bespoke production is dependent upon many factors, such as...

  • The number of filming occasions and locations

  • The complexity and length of time required for the shoot(s)

  • The amount of pre-production liaison required in areas such as script writing, image capture advice, screen caption text

  • The desired "image refresh rate" (a high refresh rate means images remain on-screen only briefly, which assists engagement but increases filming and post production time)

  • The number of on-screen captions

  • The type of on-screen captions (e.g. "in-scene" captions that appear to be inside an image can be very effective but are more expensive to produce than simpler on-screen captions)

  • Requirements for animated logos or other graphics

  • Whether or not to-camera vocals are required (direct or interview style) and, if so, whether an auto-cue is required

  • Whether or not a voice-over audio track is required

  • Whether or not subtitles are required for vocals

  • Whether or not audio description is required for visual imagery

  • Whether or not aerial shots are to be included

  • When aerial shots are included, the ease with which an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) can be used at the required location

  • The number of personnel required during filming (number of cameras used simultaneously; site location for aerial work)

  • Background music (our licence allows us to offer tracks from a large selection)

  • Travelling distances from our base at CH4 0JG

What we can guarantee is that the price will represent great value coupled with a strong focus on quality - as your video will provide a public face to your business it's important that it portrays a professional image.


The information required to determine the cost of a production can be gathered quickly and painlessly, after which a no obligation quote will be provided - just get in touch and we'll take it from there.

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