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Construction Videos

We love construction projects, they're intriguing and exciting. There are often multiple activities happening at once, project details are visible that will soon be concealed and quite possibly never seen again, and there's a feeling that something fresh and permanent is being created, something destined to be a familiar feature for many decades or even centuries to come.

And as a project progresses, capturing moving images for use in construction video productions can be highly beneficial. For example, they keep investors informed, they help engage potential customers and they build anticipation.

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They can also be an invaluable asset for promotion and marketing, where social media videos can be used to capture attention and increase awareness, and website videos can inform and educate online visitors.

And they bring further benefit when pitching for future projects - when it comes to bidding for new business, video productions are unrivalled as a way to showcase past work, bringing projects back to life like nothing else.

There are several options when it comes to capturing images for construction videos. This type of production often benefits from aerial filming, allowing elevated features to be incorporated and capturing a site's scale. Also highly effective is time lapse video, enabling large amounts of progress to be compressed into a small amount of time. And some filming from the ground is often beneficial, which could also include capturing the thoughts of key people on camera e.g. for a video case study.

Construction video productions can incorporate just one type of filming, several or combine all three, and options appropriate to a specific project are discussed at project commencement. A variety of examples can be viewed below.

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construction video examples
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