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Website Videos

Most businesses realise the importance of having a website - it's an online presence that's under their full control. And a website can provide a large amount of information in text form, which is important, however it's not really complete without video content.

Online visitors love website videos, which can allow them to find things out quickly in a way that's immersive and engaging, and which makes efficient use of their time.

From a business's point of view it's also a great opportunity to showcase themselves and their offerings, as the business is brought to life in moving images. It's also a chance to talk directly to potential customers, and maybe even show a human face to the business.

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A website video can take many forms and we work closely with clients to help them decide the best approach for their specific requirements.

When watching website videos (unlike for social media) visitors are much happier to watch with sound on, so we often recommend the inclusion of audio synchronised with visuals. This allows key messages to be conveyed to both eyes and ears simultaneously, which can be achieved via a voice-over or alternatively using an on-screen presenter, or a combination of the two.

Where a presenter is featured this will often be someone who is part of the business (helping provide that "human face"), and we recommend the inclusion of plenty of "B-roll" cut-away footage to help maintain viewer engagement. Note that we can provided a teleprompter if required.

On-screen text messages can also be included (e.g. to help emphasise key messages, convey presenter names/titles, provide contact details) as can animated graphics. And in addition to filmed website video productions we're also able to offer fully animated videos.

We often recommend clients maximise their projects using the raw footage filmed for their website video to additionally make a social media video(s) - see social media video production for details.

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