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costs : children's film making

Filming projects can be delivered for a cost starting at just £500.  However, every school's requirements will be different, meaning the cost for each project will vary.  The cost is dependent upon four main factors:

  • The amount of time required at the school site for filming 

  • The amount of time required off-site to manage, organise and prepare footage filmed

  • The amount of time required at the school site for post production

  • Travel/accommodation costs

The times will largely depend on the complexity and length of the filming, and the complexity of the post production (e.g. the number of individual shots that need to be filmed/pieced together and whether complex filters/on-screen effects/titling/sub-titles are required).  Following a discussion with the school we'll provide a fixed price for the project so please get in touch and we'll take it from there.

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