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Videos Made
By Children

Your children will benefit from our skills and know-how and our professional filming and post-production equipment as they enjoy a fantastic opportunity to make use of a great many important educational skills whilst working on a real-world project.

Skills such as literacy, creativity, design, collaboration, team working, control of equipment and tools, and information technology are all utilised as important tasks are performed (skills that fit nicely into the Digital Competence Framework in Wales), with a final end product that the children can be proud of.  This service is available UK wide and also to British International Schools in the European Union.

This activity is especially appropriate for primary school children in years 5 & 6.

Your film could be for internal use, to share with the rest of the school and with parents via the internet (e.g. on YouTube, Facebook).  Or it could also have a wider purpose, for example to enter into a competition - CreativeJigsaw were very proud to have provided equipment and training to Hafod y Wern School in Wrexham for the production of their film for Safer Internet Day 2018, which won first prize out of hundreds of entrants!

Safer Internet Day still image, green sc

how it happens

We will provide all required professional-standard equipment as we guide the children through the filming process.  The teacher will usually have selected children for specific roles, e.g. camera operator, focus puller, sound mixer, boom operator, script supervisor, clapperboard assistant, props master, voice-over artists, actors.  When the footage is "in the can" we will work with a teacher-selected pair of children to show them how to use an NLE (Non-Linear Editing system) to post-produce the footage into the final production.

Typically, your school's film-making project will consist of the following steps:

  • An initial meeting with the teacher to discuss the project and agree timings (can take place by telephone)

  • Teacher works with their selected children to determine a story line and script, and to determine job roles

  • We attend the school and work with the children and teacher to film the production (we typically take on the role of director to enable the children to be suitably guided); aerial footage can be included, however the children may only observe this work due to licensing regulations

  • Away from the school site, we organise and label the footage ready for post production, possibly also preparing some of the more complex edits ready to explain to the editing team

  • We work with the teacher-selected editing team (two children works best) to post produce the footage into the final production

  • We work with the children to generate their production into a format(s) suitable for distribution to their chosen platforms

The amount of time we spend at the school site depends upon the complexity of the production, a small project could be covered in a single day whilst a more involved project might require a day for filming and two days for post production.  Please also reference information on costs.

child filming moving bicycle
Safer Internet Day filming 8.png

As a first step towards bringing the benefits of CreativeJigsaw to your school just get in touch and we'll get back to you to arrange a full discussion.

we're award-winning!

CreativeJigsaw were very proud to have provided instruction and equipment to this school, which led to their film winning first prize in a national Safer Internet Day competition (see here for more information about this competition award)

A few clips of Year 5 / 6 children filming their award winning production for Safer Internet Day 2018

Safer Internet Day film
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