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Streaming (further) ahead

Back in April, we considered whether businesses should use video, with a look at how access to this powerful medium has been opened up to pretty much everyone since the advent of fast internet connections, platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, and of course the streaming technology that allows moving images to be sent in real-time across the internet for display on whatever device you happen to be using. The blog also quoted a number of statistics, with relevant links, illustrating how extremely powerful video can be to businesses in terms of engaging with customers, imparting information to them, and increasing awareness.

A real world example

So how about seeing some of this in action? Well, here's an example from a recent CreativeJigsaw production. We filmed and post produced a 2 minute video to showcase the features of The Millstone Bar & Restaurant in Pen-y-ffordd, a fast-paced premium quality production that works really hard to engage the viewer and show off what a fine place The Millstone is, whilst also giving a little bit of a glimpse behind the scenes and some views across the site that are normally only seen by birds! Here's The Millstone's film...

The finished product was posted on CreativeJigsaw's Facebook page...

The Millstone's film posted on Facebook

...and it was very quickly shared and shared again. And watched and watched again. In fact, in its first 24 hours the post was seen over 10,500 times and the film watched over 4,300 times! Nearly four and a half thousand viewings in just a single day! That's an extraordinary number of potential customers, many of whom were previously unaware of The Millstone, but as a result of the film have now seen the business in all its glory.

The Millstone's Facebook post 24 hours in
The Millstone's Facebook post 24 hours after posting
Champions League (non) effect

And there was an immediate effect felt by The Millstone in terms of customer numbers too. The Wednesday evening after the film went public was expected to be a quiet one, not only because it was midweek but also because it was the evening of Liverpool Football Club's second leg match against Roma in the Champions League semi final, things being noticeably quiet during the first leg (and especially as Liverpool went into the second leg with a 5-2 lead and everything to play for). However, Wednesday 2 May proved to be surprisingly busy, with no other reason apparent or likely other than the effect of the promotional film.

5800 and counting...

Two weeks on and The Millstone's promotional film has now been watched nearly 6000 times via CreativeJigsaw's original Facebook post, the post itself having been seen over 13,000 times. And this doesn't include those people who watched it via one of the Twitter tweets. Nor does it include people who've been watching the film on the Millstone website, where it's so far been viewed about 10 times a day.

Could your business be helped?

Virtually any business type can benefit from the utilisation of video. Of course, it doesn't need to be for promotional purposes either, it could be for other reasons such as to provide an easily accessible explanation of a product or service. But certainly, don't delay - with 83% of businesses reporting that video represents a good return on investment, the sooner these benefits are realised the better. If you get in touch at or via the contact form on our home page, we'll take it from there.

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